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A few odd pics

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With Rough Diamonds, Kilkenny Tavern, South Wimbledon. 2010.
(photos - Kelly)

With Emmylou Harris. Taken about 1977 I think

(Being a big fan, I took lots of photos of Emmylou
in the 1970/80's some of which can be seen here on Emmylou's website )

Truckstop, my own band, early 70's
Just-Us. duo with Big-Jim Richards.
We played mostly pubs & clubs around the Windsor area during the 1970s
With Nicky Simper (ex-‘Deep Purple’ and bassist supreme),
at the old Red Lion, Brentford, (It's now a McDonald's!)
With Nick again with The James Royal Band.
Jim has the most powerful, soulful voice I’ve heard,
and although a well-respected singer in his time,
having worked with Rick Wakeman, Albert Lee, etc.,
has never got the success he deserved.
He now lives in Toowoomba, Australia
Taken shortly after joining Hobo,
a well-known band on the country music circuit during the 1980s.
Line-up L-R, Derek Wyatt, Me, Jim Friel, Terry White, Tony Ryan
A reformed Hobo.
Line-up L-R, Terry White, Me, Slim Pickens, Dave Baron, Derek Wyatt
Julie Byrne Band 1990s.
Line-up L-R, Mickey Byrne, Julie, Frog Goddard (hidden), Bill Friend, Me (part hidden)
Julie, Bill and Me again
A function gig with Dave Jones of Keystyx
With Dean Reilly as Tralee Sounds duo. 2006
With Rough Diamonds, London Irish Festival 2008
A British Legion New Year Eve gig with 5th Galaxy, 2010.
See -I can scrub up well!
With Ron Mathews' 60Plus Band 2011
Meeting some of my fans backstage 2012

An inpromptu gig with James Royal
on one of his rare visits back to the UK. 2013.
L-R Terry Marshall, Jim, Nick Simper (part hidden), Geoff, keyboards - unknown.

60Plus Band 2016 Geoff  Pete  Ron  Bill
Another Jam night with James Royal, Nick Simper (seated), and Pete Parks.
Same gig. Now showing Terry Marshall on sax.
Again. In full swing!

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