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Hi, I'm Geoff.
I've been playing guitar since 1964, and have played pop, rock, blues, country, and Irish, with country being my favourite. Not any ol' country mind, but with a bit of feel and swing. I've toured most of England, worked with George Hamilton IV, and Slim Whitman, as well as several tours of Germany, and a season in St. Tropez, France.

Previous bands include ...
The Creators, Him and the Others, George Paul Jefferson, (Pop/R'n'B).

The Alamo, Saddletramps, Nashville Skyline, Thom Fricker's Thomahawk, Hobo, 60plus Band, Coolwater, Julie Byrne Band, Chrissie Lane Band, plus my own band in the '70s, Truckstop, (Country).

Also, Just Us with Big Jim Richards, Denny Dennis Band, Robbie Longmore, plus various gigs with Rick Hardy, Shaun Michaels, Tony Collins, Terry Edwards, Dougie Dee, James Royal, Frisco, Time & Tide, Keystyx, 5th Galaxy, Springwater, Tralee Sounds, Rough Diamonds. (Apologies to others I've failed to remember)!

My current gear mainly consists of  Telecasters,  Strats, Gibson Les Paul Tribute, Gretsch Jet G5220, and Gretsch G5420 hollowbody played through a Fender Blues de-luxe re-issue amp.Also a Martin D28 for acoustic work.

Currently residing in West Drayton, Middlesex, England, close to Heathrow Airport. I may be available for gigs, sessions etc.

CD 'Geoff Gibbs - Playing With Myself' Available. (see CD page).

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